From hero to guide

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We want to help you grow beyond you shadow
and build a legacy of impact using our multiplication methodology.

After years of analyzing the market we’ve created a leadership program exclusively for multipliers. Not sure where to start? Take our personalized quiz and find out.

Elevate your coaching skills. This program
teaches you how to mentor leaders one-on-one
and expand your ability to create a significant
and lasting impact.

Learn how a team-first philosophy can benefit
organizations. Get the tools you need to help
Multipliers and their teams to incorporate this on
a daily basis.

We know how having a community that speaks the same principles as you matters. That’s why we created our Multiplier’s Mastermind. Upgrade your One-on-One or Group Mentoring programs.

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Exclusive Content

Get access to exclusive resources. Receive new course alerts and more!‚Äč

Live Events

Meet other leaders and participate in discussion groups at our live events.

Multiplier Network

Be a part of the Beyond Your Shadow network. Ask and give support to other leaders.

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