We help leaders transition
from Leading to Mentoring.

We help leaders transform their success into significance by inspiring, equipping, and inviting them into mentorship. Our tailored programs and practical guidance enable leaders to effectively mentor and foster growth within their teams.

“Shoot for success, and you may find significance. Shoot for significance, and you will get both!”

We help leaders
from leading to mentoring

We help leaders transform their success into significance by inspiring, equipping, and inviting them into mentorship.


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WHY Beyond Your Shadow?

We believe that multiplication is the key to legacy and your impact living beyond your shadow. Our mission is to help leaders transform from hero to guide by embracing the journey of mentoring the next generation of leaders. Our commitment is to help you excel at mentoring. We equip you with skills, inspire you with the opportunity and invite you into the mission of mentoring the next generation of leadership in your organization and community.

Experience matters, and so does how you leverage it to influence and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders. Collaborating with us means your leadership and expertise will not just expand its influence but also embed a profound and enduring legacy that will have a positive impact on many new leaders.

“A business to be a successful enterprise it must grow beyond the shadow of the leader. ”

Vinnie Fisher

Every leader, whether by design or default, casts a shadow. This shadow is a presence that encompasses the influence a leader has on their organization. It can be both positive and negative, but the best leaders continually work on leaving a positive mark behind.

At Beyond Your Shadow, we are here to help you transition from Hero to Guide in the story. This transformation will truly put legs to your legacy.

The first step towards becoming a great mentor is self-improvement. Strengthening these key areas will help you mentor people more effectively and cultivate growth and innovation in your mentees.

This will help you maximize your impact as a mentor, ensuring you provide valuable support and effectively pass the knowledge to others.

Emotional intelligence




Hi, I’m Vinnie

Founder of Beyond Your Shadow and Founder and Chairman of Fully Accountable, I am a businessman, entrepreneur, author, husband, and father.

A lawyer by trade, I practiced tax and business law for ten years before leaving the field in 2007 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. My journey in entrepreneurship began with Creative Learning Workshop, a venture that provided valuable services and job opportunities in Ohio, which I sold in 2009. I then ventured into the digital world, establishing a series of successful internet-based businesses, including information publishing and web hosting companies like Brain Host and Purely Hosting.

In 2014, I founded Fully Accountable, a revolutionary full-service accounting firm known for its unique approach to providing actionable financial insights for businesses. I currently oversee this successful venture as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Visionary. That same year, I also entered the publishing world with my book, ‘The Best Investment: A Better You,’ and my publishing company, A Better You Publishing.

My drive to support leaders in their growth led to the launch of Total CEO in 2015, a mastermind group and podcast platform for high-level CEOs. In 2017, Fully Accountable introduced ‘Your Back Office,’ a transformative software tool for accountants and business owners. Under my leadership, Fully Accountable has earned multiple accolades, including Inc 5000 awards in 2019 and 2020 and recognition as one of the Greatest Places to Work in America.

In 2023, I founded Beyond Your Shadow, a one-of-a-kind initiative to guide leaders to embrace the philosophy of leadership multiplication, expanding their influence and creating lasting legacies.



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